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4 Pak Limited is a HK based trading company, a professional supplier of eco food packaging/ foodservice disposables. Our main product range are disposable wooden cutlery, sugarcane bagasse tableware, CPLA/corn starch cutlery, paper cups, kraft paper containers, paper straws, etc. 

We mainly supply to foodservice distributors, wholesalers, brand manufacturers and retailers in North American, European and Australian markets. 

We have built strategic partnership with many good suppliers both at home and abroad, covering a wide range of eco disposable products. With extra 25% tariffs imposed to products Made In China, we offer NO 25% EXTRA TARIFFS solution with eco disposable products from South East Asia. We have a Thailand manufacture facility that can produce 20,000 tons of sugarcane bagasse products per year!   

From its inception, our vision has been to develop and provide value to all we serve, and to be an advisor for each of our clients, providing accessible and innovative solutions in food packaging for specific markets.

With constant innovation, sound business principles, comprehensive experience and a distinctive multinational perspective, we are well positioned to meet the specific needs of a rapidly evolving global market. As we continue to expand our region of trade in eco food packaging disposables, it is our pleasure to offer our clients an expansive, broad range of items with the value added benefit of a complete service supply chain provider.

supply chain management

Our strong supply chain management capability enables us to efficiently find the best match of products that meet your specific needs with the best production qualifications. You can focus on your marketing & sales while we take care of your product supply. Rest assured. You are in good hands!

Our Ace Products 

· Sugarcane Bagasse Tableware

Our fully automatic pulp molding machinery uses advanced technology with patents. Compared with the traditional pulp molding machinery, it integrates and automate the whole production process into one machine:forming, heat-pressing, auto-trimming, auto-punching. The fully automatic production line has greatly improved production quality, efficiency & stability.

fully automatic bagasse production line

Our daily output is about 1-1.2 tons/machine, about 3-4 times higher than traditional machines. Our Thailand manufacture facility can produce about 20,000 tons of bagasse products per year. Currently, we are only running at Phase I. There is basically little limitation on our production capacity growth.

Thailand Bagasse Tableware Factory - 4 Pak Limited

Without 25% Extra Tariff, we can save you 30% cost on your purchase of sugarcane bagasse products!

· Disposable Wooden Cutlery

We’re a fully integrated manufacturer of disposable wooden cutlery with in-house design, prototype development and product manufacture. We are capable of completing one-stop manufacture of disposable wooden tableware, starting from raw wood all the way through finished products.

disposable wooden cutlery factory - 4 Pak Limited

We directly import high quality birch wood from Russia through the border crossing Suifenhe. This enables us to control the production cost right from the beginning. Our continuous efforts on technology innovation and management optimization also drive down our production cost.

Our factories have 20+ years of experience producing disposable wooden/bamboo products. We’ve been proven to be a reliable supplier & partner for our customers for over two decades. We strive to keep the production cost & overhead low and product quality high, to pass the cost savings on to customers. 

Our product range includes disposable wooden cutlery, disposable wooden coffee stirrers, disposable wooden ice cream sticks, disposable wooden skewers/toothpicks, disposable wooden plates/bowls, bamboo cutlery, bamboo plates, etc.

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